I would like ask you for partnership on my project. I going create new crypto-currency with pre-orders avalabity for these coins.I am going sale this coins for 50usd per coin with min.order volume of 5pcs than 10pcs and 20pcs coins.My offer is following : help me to be on google top rank and I will share will you every sale 50:50.It is not scam I need for create this coins about 15-20k.We can do this project together I have Offshore company,offshore bank account,idea,website,paygate in btc and you have holy grail systems to be first on google I donīt have more money for this project that is the reason why I am looking for partner.I can guarantee you that in this project is hundreds thousand dollars.My skype is tsalieri26 if you agree with my deal we can start in next days ....
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Thank you for answer